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Friday 25th January 2013 • Posted Under - Happy Puzzle Company News

Affiliate Exclusive – 40% off Best Sellers at The Happy Puzzle Company

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Affiliate Exclusive – 40% off Best Sellers at The Happy Puzzle Company

Exclusive to our affiliates we are delighted to offer a 40% off code that applies to all of our Best Sellers here at The Happy Puzzle Company.  To make it easier for your customers to use the code all of the applicable products have been collected together onto a dedicated landing page. Simply enter the code at the checkout with any applicable product in the basket and get a whopping 40% saving on your total bill (excludes Delivery)

Code – JAFF
Promotion – 40% off Happy Puzzle Best Sellers
Expires – 29-01-2013





An absolutely stunning model made from uniquely curved and hinged interlocking plastic puzzle pieces! The precision of each individual piece ensures amazing stability without any glue required! Accessory pieces give your structure the final touches for a beautiful display. The puzzle has 216 pieces and the finished model is approximately 35cm tall.

Our Price £24.99

Buzzing Battle Bees

Buzzing Battle Bees

Buzzing Battle Bees is a brilliant hands-on game which requires cunning and strategy as well as a good aim. Your task is simple. Capture a Queeen Bee from the three surrounding beehives and take them back to your own hive. Be careful though, because your own hive is under attack as well…and your own Queen Bees are wanted! En route to your vistory, you’ll also get to challenge your opponents(s) to honeypot battles with bees flying everywhere as you launch them at high speed! Thoroughly original and brilliant fun. Buzzing Battle Bees will be loved by the whole family.

Our Price £16.99



If you think you can stack one more chair on the pile without making it topple over… then you’ll need a steady hand! This is a great fun concept that comes with 24 chairs of various types!

Our Price £15.99



Each of the sets contains nine six-sided story cubes, with 54 images and more than ten million possible story combinations. Roll the dice and however they land, your task is to find a way of linking together the images on the top face of each of the dice in order to build a story that makes sense. The best feature of these wonderful cubes is the fact that there are no wrong answers – the goal is simply to let the cubes spark your imagination. Whether you use them for a fun family activity, or to encourage your children to develop their story-making skills, this brilliant set will be loved by everyone.

Our Price £11.99



The Adams Cube is an outstanding, mind-boggling challenge created by the American inventor Henry Adams. Somehow (and it seems improbable) the five puzzle pieces DO fit perfectly into the shapes which appear on each side of the cube. It will drive you crazy, but when you solve it, the sense of achievement will be absolutely fantastic!

Our Price £10.99

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