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Friday 05th July 2013 • Posted Under News

Chemist Direct Increases Affiliate Revenue by 350% with Dedicated Management


Optimus Performance Marketing, the largest affiliate marketing company in Europe, has helped online pharmacy Chemist Direct to increase revenue on its affiliate channel by 350% year on year since taking over the account in February this year.

Keen to highlight a combined 50 years of successful affiliate management, Optimus Performance Marketing – uk.optimus-pm.com – began to look for innovative ways to deploy its technologies and management services within the pharmaceutical sector.

Working with Chemist Direct, Optimus set out to show an in-depth understanding of the online pharmacy’s affiliate requirements, whilst still allowing the client to retain control of the plan and communicate with its affiliates.

Initially, Optimus Performance Marketing took an in depth look at all of Chemist Direct’s previous affiliate activity and mapped out a plan based on what was working and, more importantly, what wasn’t working in terms of ROI. Having this set out meant that the team at Chemist Direct knew exactly what activity was scheduled, but still had the flexibility to make changes if they so wished.

By introducing a weekly newsletter, sent to affiliates, that highlighted all of the best offers and voucher codes that Chemist Direct had to offer, Optimus was able to drastically improve communication between Chemist Direct and its affiliates. Optimus also spent time communicating directly with key affiliates on the campaign, with this increased and regular communication it helped affiliates to become more familiar with the Chemist Direct brand which, in turn, gained the online pharmacy more visibility and exposure.

As part of the affiliate management offered to Chemist Direct, Optimus helped drive more revenue from the online pharmacy’s top affiliates, enabling a bespoke plan to be formed for each of the top affiliates that would continue to generate exposure and drive revenue.

One stand out product that Optimus has helped to drive the sales of is the Regener8 Skin Regenerator on sale via Chemist Direct. In March, it helped Chemist Direct to sell over 2,000 units of the product and the channel went from selling 20-50 units a week to over 200 a day. In turn and thanks to the work of Optimus, it became one of the channel’s biggest selling lines.

Since taking over the affiliate channel management in February of this year, Optimus has enabled Chemist Direct to increase affiliate revenue by 350% year on year.

Harvey Bahia, Marketing Manager at Chemist Direct, said:

Optimus Performance Marketing is simply an expert in the industry. They have a fantastic relationship with all the main affiliates, enabling us to put together a bespoke plan with each top affiliate which has helped us get more exposure and in turn drive sales and revenue.

He continued:

The increased and regular communication with Optimus has helped our affiliates become more familiar with the Chemist Direct brand, gain us more visibility and exposure, as well as help grow revenue for the long tail affiliates. Not only have Optimus helped to leverage our rapid growth, but working with them has helped to significantly reduce our costs too. Optimus has gone above and beyond all of our expectations.

Mark Russell, Managing Director of Optimus Performance Marketing said the following:

Working with a business as professional and cooperative as Chemist Direct always proves to be a big bonus, particularly in terms of what we can achieve on a clients behalf. I am extremely happy that this successful relationship has resulted in such positive growth in a relatively short period of time. Long may it continue.

For further information contact, Lauren Wilden 10 Yetis PR, 01452 348211, lauren@10yetis.co.uk, @laurenwilden on Twitter.
-Optimus Performance Marketing is the largest affiliate marketing company in Europe
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