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Monday 07th January 2013 • Posted Under - MemoryBits News

Warehouse Clearance Extended At MemoryBits

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Warehouse Clearance Extended At MemoryBits

The MemoryBits Warehouse Clearance has been extended by another week with additional discount codes that apply to the offers listed below.

Monday 7th January 2013
Discount on jewellery& time/Gamings bits increased to 30% and Toys to 20%
30% off our already low prices on Jewellery & Time (Code NY30)
20% off Gaming Bits and Toys (Code NY20)
Start: 07/01/2013
Finish: 12/01/2013

Tuesday 8th January 2013
Battery Sales 15% off Philips, Duracell and Energizer batteries (Code NY15)
Start: 08/01/2013
Finish: 12/01/2013

Wednesday 9th January 2013
Final Clearance discount increased on Beauty/Mugs/Camera bits and Memory to 15% (code NY15)
Start: 09/01/2013
Finish: 12/01/2013

Friday 11th January 2013
Heading: Final Clearance discount increased on General 30% (code NY30)
Finish: 12/01/2013



I Heart Shoes Mug

I Heart Shoes Mug

This does exactly what is says on the tin… well, on the mug anyway! The perfect gift for any lady that simply loves her shoes. Great for home, office, uni and so on. And best yet – it’s totally dishwashers safe too! Happy days – more time shoe shopping that standing at the sink cleaning your fabulous mug!

Was £6.60
Now £3.98
Save £2.62

Super Egg Egg Cup

Super Egg Egg Cup

Playtime starts at the breakfast table with Paladone’s ‘Super Egg’ Egg Cup. Ideal for both young and the young-at-heart, the ‘Super Egg’ Egg Cup is guaranteed to get even the laziest of sleepy heads out of bed and down to breakfast on time. The ‘Super Egg’ Egg Cup is dressed to fight crime in his white suit and contrasting red cape and boots. The fun really starts once a boiled egg is placed in the egg cup. Try to resist cracking it straightaway as on the gift box are several cut-out-and-keep accessories which you can use to decorate your egg in true Super Hero style. Adorn your Super Egg with a mask, headband and crime-fighting weapons before you smash him on the head and tuck in.

Was £6.00
Now £4.94
Save £1.06

Hama Lens Brush – Pneu 40 (Green)

Hama Lens Brush - Pneu 40 (Green)

This dust blower effectively “brushes” away unwanted dust from your sensors, lenses, or other sensitive equipment with a powerful blast of clean air.

Was £5.28
Now £4.99
Save £0.29

Construction Challenge – Guinness World Records Inventions Range

Construction Challenge - Guinness World Records Inventions Range

The Construction Challenge set contains everything you need to attempt two Guinness World Records and may provide inspiration for you to create a new one. The Guinness World Records Construction Challenge set contains all the components necessary to create and build a variety of drinking straw structures. Instructions and tips are included.

Materials provided include drinking straws and paper clips. There are two construction records for you to attempt: the tallest drinking straw tower and the longest drinking straw bridge able to support an egg. Full guidelines are provided to help you ensure any serious Guinness World Record attempts are recognised. The Guinness World Records Construction Challenge set is part of the Guinness World Record Inventions range, created to test your skills in construction and ingenuity. Designed to appeal to all aged 7 to 70 years old!

Was £6.24
Now £5.20
Save £1.04

Energizer LED Glowsticks Twin Pack

Energizer LED Glowsticks Twin Pack

Provide that extra bit of child safety (or illumination fun!) with the Energizer Kids Glow Sticks. The material lanyard is easy to attach to clothing or backpacks, allowing your child to see and be seen in the dark. In addition, the light can improve visibility when jogging or bicycling in the dark. The 8-hour run time and lifetime LED make it an economical personal lighting choice. Each pack contains a red and green glowstick. Using easily replaceable batteries, the LED bulb will provide light for a maximum of 8 hours from one set of batteries.

Was £7.19
Now £5.99
Save £1.20

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